Rodenberg GAS Flux Capacitor



Back To The Future is the motto of the newest GAS-pedal from Doc Rodenberg. The Flux-Capacitor-GAS is an Overdrive pedal without the standard controls such as Gain, Level and Tone. Less is more and with one step on the footswitch On/Off the time travel can begin. This is shown by the Rainbow Jewel LED which automatically changes the color from Green, Red to Blue constantly. With the GAS switch on the right side you can choose between a bluesy and creamy sound, which bases on the GAS-809 Tom Riepl Signature GAS. The preset Tone/Drive and Level controls are laid out, that you never miss the standard controls.

The little RODENBERG Time Machine is powered by 1.21 Jigowatt and 20 years before you could get this energy only with Plutonium or a big lightning. Thanks goodness, time went on and now you can get this energy by a battery or a standard power supply to start the time travel.

The Flux-Capacitor-GAS is not only a gimmick, but a timeless, gorgeous and special Boutique-Pedal with collector's value - only 12 pieces are available worldwide!

The Pedal was designed by Tom Riepl, creedal passion BTTF-Fan and Ulrich Rodenberg, and with 249,- EURO's the travel Back To The Future can begin...

Special Features:

  • Limited Edition - only 12 pieces worldwide!
  • No controls at the top panel! - Preset Tone/Drive/Level - controls
  • Low Gain - High Gain mode
  • Rainbow LED Jewel, which changes the colors automaticaly when 'On'
  • Bases upon the GAS-809 Tom Riepl Signature Model
  • Engraved special features:
    • Left side: sign ULRICH RONDERG - DMC-12 / xx
    • Right side: 1.21 JIGOWATTS - FLUX CAPACITOR
  • Specially dimensioned and selected components
  • True Bypass
  • 'Long-Life'-foot switch
  • Level- and Tone-knobs
  • Bass-Boost - switch
  • Upside blending of lasered high-grade stainless steel
  • Extremely bright green Jewel LED
  • Power supply by external AC/DC-adapter or battery
  • 2 years warranty

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