Rodenberg GAS-809 Tomtone Official Tom Riepl Signature pedal



The GAS-809 is the only GAS pedal which runs a real GAS-808 and GAS-909 mode in such a small case! It is also the only GAS pedal which offers these two sound modes powered by battery! With changing from 808 to 909 mode the Jewel LED switches from Blue to Red - really amazing. The sound is similar to the standard GAS- 808/909 pedals by 90%. There are changes in tone according to the style and taste of Tom Riepl.

  • Sound 808 mode: The GAS is based on the TS-808. Made out of specially dimensioned and selected components it fits into the existing sound harmonically well without really sounding like an external pedal, but more like a part of the amplifier itself. Being more likely an Overdrive than a distortion pedal the GAS was not created to give you a frequent-twisting overall distortion, it just emphasizes the whole frequenzy spectrum with a good and tasty shot of raunchiness. Perfect for boosting the amplifier sound without loosing or changing its natural characteristics.

  • Sound 909 mode: The GAS-909 offers the same technical features as the GAS-808, there is just one remarkable difference: the 909 offers three times more gain resources than the 808!!! That exactly makes this pedal interesting for players always missing that little extra layer of distortion in the sound of the TS-808. The GAS-909 offers offers creamy and sparkling lead sounds still based on the original characteristics of the 808.

Operational units upside: On the upside you will find the Footswitch, the Jewel-LED, two 3 position switches for Tone and Output Level Controls and a Long Life Pot (Over)Drive control.

  • Tone and Output Level switches: The Tone Level can be controlled by a 3 position switch.
    1= Low / 0= Mid (Neutral) / 2= High

  • The Output Level can be controlled by a 3 position switch.
    1= Low / 0= Mid (Neutral) / 2= High

  • (Over)Drive control: Have a look at that wonderful 'Frankenstein' Drive control knob! The (Over)Drive control in 808 mode allows you lower settings than a standard GAS-808, in 909 mode it works similar to a standard GAS-909.

  • GAS-808/909 switch: The Tom Riepl Signature GAS-809 can work in real 808 and 909 mode.

    In 808 mode the Jewel LED shines Blue and gives the GAS its outstanding overdrive sound - sweet & nice like sugar & spice. The Bass setting is similar to a standard GAS-808 without Bass Boost.

    In 909 mode the Jewel LED shines Red to give that 3 times more gain which allows creamy and sparkling lead sounds still based on the original characteristics of the 808. The Bass setting is similar to a standard GAS-909 with a little more kick in the lower frequencies.

  • Jewel LED switch: on the left side of the pedal With a Switch you find lefthandside the pedal (next to the output jack) you have the opportunity to run the LED Intensity in eatherway High or Low Mode. This Switch dims or brightens the intensity of the Jewel-LED. The brightness is enormous and will help you to see the adjustment of the pedal on an however lit stage. The Low Mode can be helpfull when running the pedal on battery.

  • True Bypass: The Footswitch itself is a true-bypass long-life switch. If the GAS is turned off the guitar signal gets passed through to reach the amp without any loss.The chosen Jewel-LED is of the kind you find on older vintage amplifiers.

  • Jacks: You will find the Input Jack righthandside and the Output Jack lefthandside the GAS-808. The battery will automatically be turned of when the cable at the Input Jack is plugged off.

  • External power supply: On the rear side of the pedal you can find the jack for an External Power Supply. Its a standard jack (2,1mm). You can use the usual adapters for floor effects (9V DC,+ = outside ring, ground = inside). If an external power supply is connected the internal battery turns off automatically.

    Special features:

    • Official Tom Riepl Signature Model
    • Long Life Pot for Drive Level
    • 808 and 909 mode in one pedal
    • 3 position switch for Tone Level
    • 3 position switch for Output Level
    • Extremely bright BLUE Jewel LED in 808 mode
    • Extremely bright RED Jewel LED in 909 mode
    • Specially dimensioned and selected components
    • True Bypass
    • Works with battery or power supply
    • 'Long-Life'-foot switch
    • Upside blending of lasered high-grade stainless steel
    • Power supply by external AC/DC-adapter or battery
    • Handmade in small series
    • 2 years warranty

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