Rodenberg GAS-707 NG



The reputable Fulda based Boutique Effect Manufacturer Rodenberg, stand for excellent processing, best components and, of course, first-class sound. The GAS-707 NG Booster is the revised, latest version of the popular GAS-707 pedal. There are 2 boost stages: 15 and 20 dB boost, a switchable deep boost for the bass fundament and 2 bypass modes - True bypass or silent switching - Noise-free switching. Quote: Ulrich Rodenberg: Clean Boost - I call it Come Alive!

  • Effect Type: Booster
  • Technology: Analog
  • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out
  • Controls: Level, Tone
  • Modes: 2 Modes
  • Switches: +20 dB, Bass
  • Bypass Mode: True bypass or buffered bypass
  • Internal operating voltage 18V for extended headroom
  • 2 boost stages switchable
  • True bypass or silent switching
  • dual colored LED
  • Handmade in small quantities

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