Rocktron X-Tune Chromatic Tuner



Now tune up the easy way on stage with Rocktron's X-Tune chromatic tuner for guitar and bass built in a stomp box package!

That's right, the X-Tune provides easy tuning in a cool pedal format! This chromatic pedal tuner for guitar and bass offers multi-LEDs and lighted notes that make it easy to tune on dark stages.

Built into Rocktron's usual strong aluminum chassis, the X-Tune allows muting for silent tuning, and continuous out for live tuning. The X-Tune handles 12 Note tuning and a 7 octave range. A calibration switch is provided. Note Indicator LEDs show the actual note being tuned.A row of notes will actually light up when the X-Tune is turned on, and during tuning the LED under each note being tuned will light up. A Flat Indicator LED will flash if the note being played is flat. The more “flat” the note is, the faster the LED will flash. An In Tune LED will light when the note being played is actually “in tune”. A Sharp Indicator LED will flash if the note being played is sharp. Again, the more “sharp” the note is, the faster the LED will flash.

The X-Tune includes a Calibration Button which is used to calibrate the unit to match the pitch of any instrument or audio source (like a piano or tape player). The X-Tune includes a Continuous Output Jack (Out To Amp) allowing you to connect a standard guitar cable with a 1⁄4” jack to your next effect or directly into your amplifier if you want to hear the note being tuned.The X-Tune includes a Mute Silent Tuning Jack allowing you to mute the output of your guitar going to your amplifier or next stomp box so that you can tune in silence. An On/Off Switch determines whether the X-Tune is “on” or “off” and the Blue LED will light when the unit is on. An easy-access 9 Volt Battery compartment is on board, as with most Rocktron pedals.

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