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Rocktron (2001-2008)

Take a trip down the psychedelic path with Rocktron's Vertigo Rotating Vibe pedal.

Famous players like Hendrix and Robin Trower have used "vibes" to produce this awesome, dizzying effect.

There is nothing quite like this pedal for that "uni-vibe kinda voodu" attitude. Psychedelicize your sound and add a third dimension. You'll wonder why you never used a vibe before. A little bit might make you woozy, and a lot might make you dizzy. But this unique effect needs to be in your toolbox.

The "VIBE" mode adds a new level of dynamic that puts the Vertigo in a class all by itself. When the "VIBE" mode is engaged the Vertigo Vibe changes the "character" of the rotation, producing the magical, voodoo Jimi sounds. Experiment here with clean and distorted sounds - you can certainly find your "own" tone!

When not in the "VIBE" mode the Vertigo produces a fast and slow "LESLIE" effect. However, unlike a Leslie cabinet the speed of the sweep is adjustable making the Vertigo Vibe an extremely versatile effect. And no having to hunt down those expensive and heavy Leslie cabinets.

The Active switch turns on or off the effect. Pressing the Rate/Fast switch will automatically change the rate of the sweep from where the Rate control is set to the pre-determined "FAST" rate in the same fashion a Leslie cabinet ramps from slow to fast. The benefit here, as opposed to a Leslie, is YOU get to determine the final slow speed with the Rate control. The Rate control adjusts the overall rate of the Vertigo Vibe. A Rate/Fast LED will flash to show the rate sweep. The Depth control adjusts the overall depth of sweep. Level control adjusts the overall level of the effect. Pressing the Vibe Mode switch activates the Vibe mode. The Vibe LED will light when the Vibe Mode is active.

Housed in Rocktron's road rugged extruded aluminum chassis, the Vertigo is ready to handle the road action.

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