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Rocktron (2001-2008)

Catch a wave with Rocktron's unique Tsunami, a professional analog stereo chorus stomp box that offers two modes of operation - both chorus and ambience!

Often the choice of professionals, the Tsunami offers the much sought-after warmth and richness of the vintage favorites. Ultra-rugged construction and unique imaging make it a real Rocktron classic.

The dual switch setup features depth, rate and delay for chorus; while Rocktron's exclusive "Ambience" control allows 0ms-30ms of carefully contoured room delay, which is great for creating a huge stereo spread or "doubled" sound.

The chorus mode utilizes a modulation circuit to vary the pitch of the delay signal. The chorus effect is produced by varying the rate at which this pitch occurs. The delay control adjusts the range in the delay mode where the modulation will occur. This will also adjust the intensity of the chorus effect.

The ambience mode is a straight delay mode with its own adjustable delay control. This control has a range from a very short delay (5ms) to a small slap echo (28ms).

Utilizing both outputs in stereo produces a very wide effect in both modes. Guitar Shop Magazine said: "A very interesting feature (and one that might be overlooked if not fully explored) is the unit's output section. It has a single input and two outputs much the same as most "stereo" chorus units. The difference here is that one output puts the effect in phase with the dry signal, while the other gives you the wet and dry signals out of phase. With the dual outputs, when used in stereo—either through a mixing board or with two guitar amps—the combination of in- and out-of- phase effects together provides something very special. Your run-of-the-mill chorus unit's stereo output will not provide this degree of colorful spatial manipulation. Also, be sure to try both outputs even when using the box in mono. You can achieve cool, subtle differences using one output or the other."

The Tsunami's heavy-duty extruded metal chassis is built to take a beating with counter-sunk controls and sturdy switches. No cheap plastic here! Like all Rocktron effects, signal integrity is maintained by providing a direct signal path, with the effect making the Tsunami one of the only chorus pedals that works well for both clean and super-saturated tones. The finely dampened chorus will not get "tinny" or "thin", but rather creates a lush new dimension for your all-important tone.

Guitar Shop Magazine said: "This box definitely produces very diverse and musical-sounding tones across the board. The Chorus mode is variable from subtle to extremely lush and deep chorusing, but always crystalline- clean, not cluttered or confused-sounding. Its quality should place it in the same league as the much-coveted t.c. electronic chorus, though the Tsunami's controls have a deeper range. The ambience mode is very useful when you don't want to have a severe chorus tone and don't want to dedicate your delay box to giving you just a slight slap-back. This mode is great for fattening solos without mushing them out. and for adding depth and sponginess to super-clean funk lines."

Britain's Guitar Magazine wrote: "The chorusing is both lush and modern-sounding, very clean with little background noise. The effect range is very wide, from a subtle, mild chorusing to some intense wobbles. The ambience effect (very short delay) is more simple - just the single delay time control - but it's a handy effect for adding small room-type 'reverb' for solos or general thickening. The effect is lush and doesn't rob your original tone.The proper in- and out-of-phase stereo outputs make a twin amp set-up sound blinkin' huge. If chorusing is a major part of your sound, consider the Tsunami."


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2014-03-11v27.5/10  ......
2014-01-2516.5/10  2FX: Chorus AND Ambience (stereo Spread without Modulation!!)/Looks awesome, buildt like a tank, stereo out, analog!very big and heavy (1247 gr.)

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