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Every guitar player's tool chest should include at least one Overdrive pedal, and Rocktron proudly offers a unique version called Sonic Glory.

Need a little push over the top? The Sonic Glory will make your amp's built-in distortion scream! Looking to add some edge to your crunch tone? The Sonic Glory will provide that much needed "bite" and "growl" that will push the edge of the envelope!

Simple to hook up, and easy to operate with three basic controls, the Sonic Glory is equipped with a super bright blue LED so you will know when the pedal is on. The Level control adjusts the overall volume of the overdrive. The Tone control adjusts the EQ range of the overdrive altering the high-end (or brightness) and the low end (or warmth). The Gain control adjusts the amount of distortion added to the original signal.

Give yourself the boost you need or the edge that pushes your sound to new places and add the Sonic Glory Overdrive to your setup. Housed in Rocktron's rugged extruded aluminum chassis, this pedal stands up to road wear and tear.

The easy access battery compartment makes changing batteries during a gig a breeze. Simplicity all the way around. Punch things up with the Sonic Glory!

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