Rocktron Silver Dragon - Valve Multi-Distortion



  • Fire
  • Shriek
  • Roar
  • Level


  • Intensity
  • Breath
  • Awaken
  • Slayer



A Journey into a land where distortion rules, and the opportunity to slay the dragon will allow you to reap incredible tonal rewards!

Rocktron's Silver Dragon is a unique distortion unit that combines the best of both worlds - tube and analog solid state distortion! For that tube sound you love, the Silver Dragon rams a 12AX7.

Here is where you AWAKEN the beast and drive the tube sound. Yes, the control is actually called “Awaken”. SHREIK controls the treble while ROAR provides low end control. FIRE handles the initial distortion drive level of the 12AX7.The second made, called SLAYER, features a mixed-in combination of the 12AX7 distortion with the solid state distortion driving the tube together.

You'll be hard pressed to find a better distortion device than the Silver Dragon, and you'll have the ability to cross over into both worlds - tube and solid state. This is a unique stomp box format that utilizes a 13-Volt AC adaptor to drive the beast. The Silver Dragon allows you to have three modes - Clean, Crunch and Lead. Hints and tips provided in the instruction manual help you take advantage of the wide range of voicings, and define “character” and “feel” found in many expensive tube.

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