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Move over distortion pedals - there is a new badass in the land. Rocktron reaches new heights with the Rampage Distortion pedal that pushes distortion to its outer limits!

This ear-shattering pedal is not for the weak! The Rampage is specifically designed for the players who want grungy/raunchy/ultra-high gain with endless sustain and very little noise.

What makes the Rampage so brutally offending is its special "Scoop" control. The Scoop allows a mid cut of up to 30dB, making any amp scream beyond its capacity. The Bass control adjusts the low frequency levels (+/- 15dB). The Treble control adjusts the high frequency levels (+/15dB). The Level control adjusts the overall volume level. The Sustain control adjusts the level of the distortion.

Special attention was given to the Rampage to allow up to 75dB of raging gain with amazingly low noise. Simply crank up the Sustain parameter, touch a note, and let the feedback and harmonics go!

The Rampage Distortion is housed in Rocktron's rugged extruded aluminum chassis for rough riding on road trips.

Britain's Guitar Magazine commented: "This is not a subtle pedal! The Sustain knob controls the amount of distortion, which goes from mild to extremely distorted, while the Level control applies a large amount of gain boost. The EQ is expansive; it's a cutting high-end tone, and full sustain. The Rampage will turn the mildest, politest clean amp into a shred monster!"

Rocktron has really outdone it this time and we think we have the wildest, screaminest, most outrageous distortion pedal in the universe. Go on a Rampage!

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