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Rocktron (2001-2008)

While the tremolo is a staple effect in most guitarists' arsenal, you haven't seen anything yet quite like the Rocktron Pulse Tremolo where the effect is created using modulated and static light!

The Pulse provides a very economical way to get that expensive classic “tube tremolo” soundin a small box. While typical tremolo devices are created electrically using VCAs, the Pulse iscreated with light, using light for creating signal modulation via a photo-resistor - an LED lights up and the photo-resistor changes the output volume on the Pulse in relationship to the light intensity. An LFO (low frequency oscillator) pulses the LED at a given rate and a given wave form. The light travels to the photo-resistor causing it to change resistance value, which in turn changes the gain output of the internal amplifier (op amp). If all this sounds very technical, what you really need to know is that the result is a smooth non-symmetrical tremolowhich closely approximates classic tube tremolo properties.

A Speed control varies the rate of the tremolo, while an Intensity control determines the amount of the effect. A switch is provided that lets you choose triangle or square LFO pulse modulation waveforms. A large blue LED shows the speed of the tremolo.Tremolo pedals usually sound better when placed after distortion in the signal chain. However, the Pulse can be used either before or after the distortion. When you put the Pulse before your distortion you will get a very cool tremolo effect where at first you will not hear the tremolo effect until the chord or note starts to decay or sustain... at this point you will start to hear the effect.

When the Pulse is placed after the distortion, you will hear the tremolo effect when activated. If using multiple pedals such as delays and other modulation effects, try the Pulse Tremolo in different parts of the signal chain until you find the sound you like best.Like most Rocktron stomp boxes, the Pulse Tremolo features an easy-access battery compartment that makes changing batteries during a gig a breeze and a heavy duty chassis.


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