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Push your sound right over the top with Rocktron's Nitro Booster/Enhancer stomp box!

Most guitar players are happy with their sound, but like a race car driver, they are always seeking that extra EDGE that pushes it over the top. The Nitro Tonal Booster now gives you that edge. The Nitro enhances a player's articulation by soft compression means and offers over 22dB of gain for intense boosting.

Got an anemic sounding amp? With the Nitro, you'll turn decent amp distortion into great amp distortion. The Nitro makes harmonic squeals easier to achieve and even broadens the capabilities of your pickups. This is one of the simplest tools you will ever find. A single control is provided for BOOST and a single switch kicks you into that hot zone.

The Boost control provides the level of enhancement and boost. Turning it clockwise increases the amount of "boost". Turning it counterclockwise decreases the amount of boost.The Nitro works with a 9 Volt battery or with an optional 9VDC external power adaptor. The easy access battery compartment will make changing batteries during a gig a breeze. We also have equipped it with a super bright LED so you will know when the pedal is ON.

The Nitro Booster pedal usually sounds better when placed before all other stomp boxes in your signal chain. While it provides up to 22dB of boost, different amplifiers with different settings may sound better. For additional edge in chordal work or for enhanced articulation, we suggest using lower settings of the boost control. For your solos or special effects that you really want to "jump out" of the mix, try higher settings of the boost control.

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