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What is a guitar effects tool chest without a chorus? In a word: lacking.

A chorus unit is standard gear in every player's arsenal. With a ton of chorus units to choose from, Rocktron now makes the choice a little easier with the Deep Blue Chorus pedal.Looking for a smooth, multi-voiced chorus, rich in depth and lush in intensity? Call on Deep Blue. Road rugged in Rocktron's tough extruded aluminum chassis, the Deep Blue is an excellent addition to your effects.

A cool super bright blue LED will tell you when the pedal is on. The Rate control adjusts the speed of the modulation. Depth control adjusts the amount of modulation. Use the Intensity control to adjust the amount of chorus effect that is added to your signal - how much chorus do you want? It's all here in a great package.

Chorus pedals usually sound better when placed after distortion in the signal chain. Thus, if you are using stomp boxes, put the Deep Blue pedal after the distortion. If using multiple pedals, such as delays and other modulation effects, try the Deep Blue in different parts of the signal chain until you find the sound you like best.

If you have an effects loop in your amplifier, try putting the chorus in the effects loop for a different sound; (just follow the instructions in your amplifier manual when connecting to your effects loop).

The Deep Blue has an easy access battery compartment, making changing batteries during a gig a breeze. Need a new chorus? Go DEEP.

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