Rocktron Cyborg Delay



Rocktron introduces the marriage between man, guitar and machine…achieve your digital destiny with these incredible Cyborg™ stomp boxes.

Breaking new ground in the world of floor effects excellence, the Cyborgs are simple to use while offering instant access effects, and also satisfy those craving more complex control and the ability to create additional presets.

Cyborgs are not budget pedals. They offer all the features professionals demand! Rocktron has designed the Cyborg series around a state-of-the-art Motorola® DSP engine. Our HUSH® noise reduction is included for low noise. You can't beat the full bandwidth performance of these fully MIDI programmable and controllable stomp boxes. Connect and control additional Cyborgs with a single Rocktron MIDI controller.

Start with 8 Instant Access presets and just turn the knob, or stomp them, to access amazing sounds. The Cyborg Digital Destiny stomp boxes allow 64 user presets (8 pre-programmed preset models which may be user modified, plus 56 additional user modifiable preset models accessible via optional MIDI Breakout Cable).


  • Preset Select - Choose from 8 great presets, 500ms to 2 seconds, plus Hold Mode, Phase Delay (PHZDLY) and REVERSE Delay.
  • Time Select - Increase or decrease the delay time with the front panel control or use the tap tempo button for real time performance
  • Repeat Control - Select how many times the delay will repeat
  • Level Control - Mix between dry and wet signals

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