Rocktron O.D.B - Overdrive Dynamic Blues




Sometimes players get those blues moods going and want their guitar playing, including their tone, to reflect that. Rocktron introduces the ODB (Overdrive Dynamic Blues) stomp box to deliver the best blues tone need and unparalleled dynamic control in a pedal package, allowing total control over the most subtle nuances.

The ODB provides two Germanium clipping diodes that may be independently assigned to provide “soft knee” clipping compression applied to the positive cycle of the overdrive output, negative cycle of the overdrive output, or both! This allows total control of the overdrive characteristics providing even/odd harmonic enhancement produced when Assymetric clipping is present.

Germanium diodes are known for their “magical” soft clipping properties. Assigning both plus and minus diodes produces Symmetrical clipping, (both halves of the overdrive output waveform have equal volume). Assigning only one of the diodes produces Assymetrical clipping, (one half of the overdrive output waveform is larger than the other, thus producing more harmonic tones).

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