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Rocktron is known for incredible distortion tones. The Metal Embrace adds to the legendary distortion lineup from Rocktron with a unique and amazing distortion pedal! Get ready to blow the doors off with a heavy metal dream wrapped in a silver chassis.

Part of the Rocktron Boutique Series of stomp boxes this pedal design comes in a rugged metal chassis with eye popping retro custom design laser etched artwork. This is a TRUE BYPASS pedal: when you turn it off…it is out of your signal path!

The Metal Embrace offers up controls for Bass, Treble and Sweepable Mid EQ, plus Waveform Symmetry (which adds harmonics).

Within the controls, the Metal Embrace knob controls the amount of distortion drive. The Symmetry knob controls the amount of negative excursion of the resulting distorted waveform which enhances harmonic overtones. The Level knob controls the output volume of the Metal Embrace pedal.

Other controls include Low (outer control) for the Bass EQ, High (inner control) for the Treble EQ, Middle Frequency (outer control) for the mid center frequency, and Middle (inner control) for the mid frequency cut/boost. The footswitch on the Metal Embrace controls On/Off status (indicated by the LED). This stomp box runs on a 9V Alkaline battery. You may also use the Rocktron DC OnTap Universal Power Adaptor.

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