Rocktron Austin Gold Overdrive


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Brush the dust off your boots and get ready to plug into one awesome Overdrive pedal with Rocktron's Austin Gold. Want to breathe new life into your amp? Grab the Gold!

Within the eye-popping gold case is a superb blend of light overdrive that enhances, without changing, the sound of your favorite amp. The Austin Gold can be used to add up to 30dB more gain.

Unique to the Austin Gold is its "Pre-Bass" control. Other typical overdrive pedals have a fixed value which cannot be altered. But the Austin's Pre-Bass control allows you to cut the pre-distortion low frequency information, eliminating problems with too much "fuzzy" bass. This control also allows you to increase the pre-distortion frequencies when the tone is too weak or thin. With the Pre-Bass control, many overdrive textures can be exploited. It's almost like having an entire arsenal of various overdrive pedals in one, by simply adjusting one control!

And the key is, the Austin Gold does NOT overprocess, but instead will add an entirely new dimension to your amp.

With its simple control layout you are up and running in no time. The Level control adjusts the overall output level of the Austin Gold. The Drive control adjusts the gain level applied to the input signal. An LED indicates when the Drive is active. Then use the Pre-Bass control already mentioned to really get your sound cooking.

Rough, tough and rugged, like all the pedals in the Rocktron line, the Austin Gold is road-ready in an extruded aluminum chassis.

Britain's Guitar Magazine wrote: "If you find that some overdrives change your core amp tone too dramatically, the Austin Gold could be the answer. The basic Drive and Level controls together produce anything from nil coloration to plenty of mushy-ish crunch. The Pre-Bass control adds or removes quite a wide sounding frequency range but, like the pedal in general, it's subtle and highly usable. There's a lot of level boost but the maximum amount is created with the Drive full up, so it's pretty crunchy too. Used with a clean amp this pedal creates a fine crunch channel, or adds squash to an already distorted amp.The Austin gold really complements your sound, rather than adding a dramatically different color. Tasteful!"

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