Rockett Pedals


Rockett Pedals is a joint venture by 3 people: Jay Rockett, Chris Van Tassel, and Ron Hahn. They are sort of spread throughout the country: Jay lives in Denver, Chris lives in Dallas and Ron lives in San Diego.

Timeline (by Chris Van Tassel)

Hmmm, I wish there was a lighting strike I could talk about but it has been such a slow process of jumping obstacles that you really are not aware of your creations until you stop for a moment and look back. It has been a lot of work as any pedal manufacturer will tell you. If I had to pick one highlight it would probably be the initial reaction to the Rockett Boost by Tone Quest Magazine. We certainly have gone from soldering irons in the bedrooms to full production but it was slow and painful... worth every second though. We all love what we do so that is worth everything we have been through good or bad.



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