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High gravity multiple speed amplitude follower with attack, decay, and sensitivity controls - feeding parallel filters each with independently adjustable frequency range resonance and depth. Slow and swirlie, or quick and funky. Very bass friendly.


  • SENSE - Controls how much input volume it takes to sweep the filter. (envelope follower)
  • ATTACK - How quickly sweep begins. Clockwise will sweep immediately, turn down for 'b-wow'.
  • DECAY - How quickly sweep ends. Full CW is the longest downward sweep. Also affects total sweep range.
  • RANGE - (3 positions) Slow, Medium and Fast constants for the follower.
  • CUT-OFF - (2) One for each filter. Sets total upward sweep range, and depth of effect. Full CCW disables.
  • FREQUENCY - (2) 6 different filter ranges, 3 per filter (one filter is mid-high, one is low mid).
  • RESONANCE - (2) One for each filter. Sets the resonance or 'QUACK' of each filter.


  • true bypass

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