Robot Factory Tentacle Love Super Fuzz

Various (October 26, 2008)

Things are moving along very well in the fuzz project I have underway with Mario of Robot Factory Pedal Co and I thought it was time to start the sharing. Here is a photo of the prototype for the ‘Tentacle Love Super-Fuzz'.

This pedal is a melding of my lust for bass friendly fuzz and his wild mechanical genius. This pedal is born from the Shin-Ei Superfuzz, but to call it a clone is doing a disservice to what is going on here. Here are a few highlights:

  • Buzzwords: True bypass, buffered, clean-blend
  • Both modes of the Superfuzz are available via a stomp (with a light to inform you what mode you are in).
  • Each mode has it's own adjustable volume.
  • The Timbre control will manipulate the amount octave up signal in ‘Saw' mode.
  • Small enclose with top mounted jacks and power (note: no battery inside… NO ROOM!).

There are some other details I'll address as we get a even closer. Our goal is to provide a kick-ass heavy fuzz (not subtle fuzz) with a wide range of flexibility. An initial run 10 pedals will be produced to ‘test the waters.' Details of timing and price will be worked out shortly.

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