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Real deal, analogue MS-20 LP/BP/HP 'no-holds-barred' resonant filter with simultaneous multiple cut-off frequency modulation by internal LFO to audio range oscillator. Fully adjustable bi-directional amplitude envelope follower with momentary 'Ghost Wah'. Expression input + pre-filter effect loop for the swept filter freak in you. -phew!


  • SENSE - Controls how much input volume it takes to sweep the filter. (envelope follower)
  • ATTACK - How quickly sweep begins. CCW will sweep immediately, turn up to slow down.
  • DECAY - How quickly sweep ends. Full CW is the longest downward sweep. Sets ghost decay also.
  • FREQ - Sets center CUT-OFF frequency. From no pass to all pass. (LP/HP) start at 12:00
  • QUACK - Controls the resonance of the filter. Past 3:00 or so WILL OSCILLATE LOUDLY!
  • INPUT - Volume into the filter stage. Typically full up. Lower for 'more filter sound' or if distorted.
  • SWEEP - Up sweeps the filter from low to high. Down does the opposite.
  • GHOST - Ghost attack rate. Full up is fastest. Turn down to slow down / stop audible filter crack.
  • DEPTH - How far from center freq. Ghost AND Envelope will swing the filter. Balance with SENSE.
  • SPEED - LFO 'Quake' rate. Full up is the longest sweep. Full down goes into the audio range.
  • WIDTH - 'Quake' depth. Up to sweep full range, roll back for subtle sweeping (from center).
  • OUTPUT - Output master volume control. Some setting will be very loud, please be careful!
  • HP/BP/LP - High, band or low pass filter mode. LP is -12db per octave, HP is -6db per octave.
  • SEND/RET - For using a 2nd effect without losing input envelope. Send goes to the input of the other pedal.
  • EXP JACK - Allows hands free control of the filter's cutoff frequency with an expression pedal.


  • includes 18V AC power supply
  • true bypass

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