Robot Factory Night Tremers - Dual Speed Tremolo


Robot Factory

Dual speed amplitude modulation with six variable duty wave shapes and LFO MOD BOX in one.


  • Speed1 - Super wide range! 50ms - one sec. Controls the rate of amplitude modulation. (Tremolo)
  • Speed2 - Second speed and LFO OUT RATE. Controls the TREM rate when the green stomp is engaged.
  • Depth - Full to none. Controls how much amplitude is modulated. At full depth "off-cycle" is silent.
  • Gain - Cut or boost. Some settings will produce less than unity output. Adjust accordingly or boost if you like.
  • LFO - Use output to sweep other fx exp jacks. This output provides a resistive modulation signal which can be linked to the EXPRESSION JACK INPUT of another effect in the place of a rocker expression pedal for automated modulation.
  • Six Wave Shapes - Triangle or square, leading or lagging, pulse or saw
  • Gap - Sets off cycle duration time


  • true bypass
  • Boss style DC Jack
  • LED Rate Display

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