RoaK Efx Regenerator


Roak EFX

The Regenerator is a hand made true bypass

  • A/B channel selector
  • effects looper(send return)
  • feedback looper(the madness)

The modes:

  • A/B switcher mode: switch between
    • two amps(one guitar two amplifiers).
    • Two guitars(or other sound sources) one amp).
    • Tune your guitar & mute your signal while you tune
  • Effects looper (send,return) mode: have your delay or other effects or combinations of (dist, tremolo, reverb, pitch shifter, etc...). Effect the part in your playing (a note or chord) that you want by stepping on the foot switch.
  • Feedback looper mode: the madness starts here!!! In feedback mode -most of your effects will gain new life!! A wall of noise, feedback, squeeze, brrr, chunk and more. Tweak the knobs to achieve weird textures. Highly interactive with your guitar knobs for more feedback madness.

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