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The R.M.S Audio Technologies Tap Tempo pedal gives you control over your delay pedals, multi effects and anything else with a tap tempo input, allowing you to set the tempo of your delay. I have included a polarity reversal switch so it will be universally compatible with any effect. This box is also built to last, with a high quality silver plated TruConnect jack socket, a heavy duty momentary foot-switch and a tough die-cast aluminium enclosure. I have painted it a pale blue/ gray and finished it with several coats of glossy finish lacquer for increased durability.

When the + polarity is selected the pedal is set up for “normally open” operation while the - polarity sets the pedal up for “normally closed”. When the pedal is set to +, the switch completes the tap circuit every time you depress the foot-switch, whereas when the polarity is set to - the switch breaks the circuit. The upshot of this is that while most effects use a “normally open” configuration some BOSS pedals are “normally closed”, using the wrong polarity means that the tap will be registered on releasing the pedal as opposed to pressing the switch. The polarity toggle means you have control over how you wish your Tap Tempo to perform as well as allowing you to hook up any kind of equipment.

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