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The Super Looper is for the ardent guitarist tired of the constant sucking of tone other pedals can cause. Many popular and vintage guitar pedals contain buffer circuits which degrade the sound quality of your guitar and effect tone. These circuits (even well designed ones) can cause a loss of high frequency definition and loss of clarity of guitar signal even when they are "supposedly" bypassed. Digital pedals and multi-effects can be even worse by constantly converting your signal to digital and back which can cause latency, digital noise and lack of clarity. Using the Super Looper's high quality switching, you can bypass these pedals completely when you want to play clean and achieve clearer tones with your pedals still plugged into your amp.

The Super Looper also has many other uses, for example you can put multiple pedals in the loop to activate them all with a single pedal to make things much quicker and easier during gigs. It also works perfectly as a tuner mute to enable you to tune silently on stage with full true bypass. Alternatively set it up as a killswitch so you can mute your signal to keep silent between songs or when changing guitars, so there's no need to switch off your amplifier.


  • True bypass. This means there are no electronic components in the signal path of this device so the cleanest possible tone can be achieved.
  • Point-to-point wiring and hand soldered.
  • High quality 3PDT foot switch, so no interference when switching the Super Looper on and off.
  • Bright red LED to clearly show whether the Super Looper is on or off in low visibility.
  • Only high quality components used to minimise loss of tone.
  • All signal carrying wires are 1.6mm thick for high conductivity and minimum signal loss.
  • Excellent quality aluminium case coated in durable silver paint and finished with glossy lacquer, for extra durability.
  • Ultra compact, the Super Looper measures in at only 110 x 60 x 50 mm.
  • The LED can operate with 9V battery (included) or DC adapter (BOSS style 2.1mm centre negative).
  • Depending on set-up the Super Looper can be used as a loop pedal, true bypass tuner mute or a killswitch.

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