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R.M.S. Audio Technologies

The R.M.S Audio Technologies Pedal Patch simplifies and protects your pedal board. It does this by enabling you to keep your pedals in a loop so they stay permanently connected (this will reduce wear to the contacts on your other pedals) whilst not compromising tone. Two forward facing connectors for your guitar and amp make plugging in easy, even on a dark stage! For people who have built their own pedal boards or do not have a patch bay already built in to their board, this inexpensive little box is a good choice if you want to protect your pedals and make things easier on yourself.

I use high quality sliver-plated TruConnect jack sockets, 1.6 mm core wire (this is seriously thick stuff for super sweet tone) and a tough die-cast aluminium enclosure. The box is painted pale blue and coated in several layers of glossy lacquer for extra durability. What this means is when your drummer trips over your guitar lead (again) this hardy pedal will take the brunt, and not your expensive vintage distortion. An added extra with this pedal is that when you unplug the return jack, the box will automatically bypass the effects chain, routing the guitar in, directly to the amp out jack. This can be very useful for fault finding and can get you out of a jam if one of your pedals malfunctions on stage.

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