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The R.M.S Audio Technologies hand-crafted Kill Switch gives you glitch effects similar to those of Tom Morello and Buckethead, without having to mod your guitar. Only the best is used in this neat little box, such as high quality silver plated TruConnect jack sockets and a heavy duty momentary foot switch. I believe that when a pedal is not being used it should not affect your signal in any way, the Kill Switch lives up to this promise, as do all R.M.S pedals, by using ridiculously thick 1.6 mm core wire throughout for amazing conductivity. The enclosure is made of tough die-cast aluminium, painted in fire-engine red and finished with several lacquer coats for durability. All-in-all, this box is built to withstand even the most angry stomps and kicks and still look and sound fantastic!

The momentary action foot switch means that when your foot is pressed down the circuit to your amp breaks, so no sound leaves your amp. This means either a quick tune up, buzz-less change of guitar or a funky glitch sound can be achieved just from hitting the switch. You can also put it at the end of your effects chain and use it as a panic button for when feedback gets a little on the crazy side. The versatility of this pedal is fantastic as it glides seamlessly from being a utility pedal to a distinctive effects pedal. A real must-have for any guitarist.

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