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The R.M.S AB Selector allows ultimate flexibility in your set-up, as you can switch between one output to two inputs, or one input feeding two outputs, depending on what you have plugged in. When the foot-switch is tapped, the device toggles between the A and B connectors, allowing you to change noiselessly and quickly to another set-up. This could make all the difference on-stage or live recording as clicks, pops and squeals are made a thing of the past!

There are many ways to configure your AB Selector pedal, but these have proven to be the most widely used by myself and other guitarists:

  • Guitar 1 - Guitar 2 - Amp
  • Guitar - Amp 1 - Amp 2
  • Guitar - Amp Channel 1 - Amp Channel 2 (some old/ custom amplifiers do not have channel switching, but instead have two inputs)
  • Guitar - Tuner - Amp (Selecting the tuner mutes your guitar, allowing for quiet tuning)
  • Guitar - Amp - Mute (By keeping one of the output sockets free, selecting this will kill the signal and thus can be used as an effective killswitch).

As with all of R.M.S pedals, the components used are of the highest quality, allowing the cleanest possible tone to be achieved. All R.M.S pedals are true bypass, so there are no buffer circuits or circuit boards of any description in the AB Selector that can suck tone. Also, only 1.6 mm core wire is used in the signal path, which makes for maximum conductivity and therefore maximum tone output. There are two bright LED's on the pedal, a red LED for selection A and green for selection B, so even on a dark stage you will be able to tell whether A or B is selected. The LED's are powered by either a BOSS style (2.1mm centre negative) jack or the included 9v battery. The enclosure is a tough aluminium Hammond case, painted orange and finished with several coats of glossy lacquer for extra durability. This pedal truly offers the best components, all point-to-point wired and hand soldered, an attractive design and at a very competitive price!

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