Rochambeau Musical Apparatus (RMA) Tetanus Booster



Rochambeau Musical Apparatus (RMA)

The RMA Tetanus Booster is loosely based on a microphone preamplifier circuit and is capable of surpassing clean gain into harmonically rich overdrive or noisy fuzz territory, depending on initial gain configuration.

Comes in three main flavors:

  • SG (standard gain) includes an additional buffered output that is switched out when the effect is in bypass.
  • HG (high gain) is able to reach into fuzz/distortion range with a noisy self-oscillation mode when controls are set to maximum.
  • CG (convertible gain) allows user to select between the two modes at the expense of the additional output native to the SG variant.

Furthermore, they can be configured in a no-nonsense single knob interface or a two knob pre/post configuration.

Accepts standard 9-volt negative tip power supply, does not accept batteries as standard.

All enclosures are fabricated from mild steel, one at a time. Main finish is a rust followed by clear coat, though custom finishes can be offered. Each build is inherently unique.

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