Rochambeau Musical Apparatus (RMA) Mudlark



Rochambeau Musical Apparatus (RMA)

The RMA Mudlark is a fairly straightforward circuit.

There is an initial boost section followed by both a bass & treble Baxandall tone stack, and a fuzz section, feeding a final output section.

The order of the tone stack & fuzz can be reversed with the flip of a switch and a bi-color LED serves as both status and order indicator. Red = boost->EQ->fuzz->output, and Blue = boost->fuzz->EQ->output.

Furthermore, there is an optional modification that allows a switchable mode which increases the gain while decreasing sustain with self-oscillation at extreme gain settings.

The RMA Mudlark comes in two primary configurations: three knob and five knob. The five knobs are as follows:

  1. initial gain setting (boost)
  2. mid gain setting (boost output level)
  3. output level (no mystery there)
  4. bass level
  5. treble level

In the three knob configuration controls 1 & 2 are employed in a single dual gang control, and 4 & 5 are tied to a secondary dual gang control, however, CCW rotation turns bass up while turning treble down, and CW rotation turns treble up while turning bass down. 

Runs on standard 9-volt center negative DC power connection.

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