Rochambeau Musical Apparatus (RMA) Dirty Doper



Rochambeau Musical Apparatus (RMA)

The RMA Dirty Doper amounts to a mutant fuzz circuit. The signal (at this point already dirty from the first stage) is split into two paths and treated to different switch selectable sub-circuits before being recombined in a stage that has variable stability/pass through (depending on mode) before being passed along to a healthy output stage. 

Switched modes Include:

  • Additional fuzz.
  • Low frequency boost section.
  • Various tone configurations.
  • Polarity between the split paths.
  • Internal feedback loop mode.

The mono effect is supplied with two input jacks that each feed 10K passive summing resistors before being fed into circuit, and a pair of parallel outputs for supporting either effects feedback loops or other utilitarian functions.

Furthermore, the user can engage a CV mode that will place the voltage regulator that supplies the entire pedal in a mode that will reflect the voltage supplied at CV input. In other words: you can go into voltage starve mode at the command of synthesizers or any other voltage source, so long as it can supply 5 volts or more (anything below 5 volts runs into various stages of circuit shutdown, no harm done).

This pedal is not polite.

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