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RJM Effects

Based on the early 90's big box Green Sovtek Muff's. Some tweaks to the circuit. Including two mods that I am requested to do often on stock EHX Mig Muffs.


  • Volume, Sustain and Tone.
  • Beef Switch. Adds more low end to over all tone.
  • Pass switch. Acts like a high/low pass filter switch. Middle position is the stock circuit.


  • Standard color: Military Green
  • Standard enclosure size: Hammond 1590BBT
  • LED: 5mm water clear green with aluminum bezel.
  • Power: Boss style 9V DC. Negative center. 2.1mm.
  • Standard knobs. Davies 1400 pointer knobs in brown/red color or MXR style in black.
  • PCB: Components are hand picked and populated by myself.
  • Foot switch: True Bypass 3PDT with FS PCB for common ground wiring.
  • Jacks: 1/4' Switchcraft style.
  • Pots. Alpha 16mm single gang with solder lugs.

This model can be custom built to order. That includes, color, size of enclosure, knob style, LED color/size. Your choice of diodes and transistors. Original had BC549C's. I use 2N5088 for a higher gain along with Zener silicon clipping diodes for a quick and smooth attack trying to get closer to that "wall of sound" tone the muff is most notably known for. Custom upgrades would include a price increase depending on desires.

A few notes about this pedal. I am obsessed with big muffs. I foolishly traded mine when I was 14 for a Boss Metal Zone.. Ugh. Ever since then I've tried various builds but never finding "that sound" of the green Sovtek Muffs. When I decided to offer a Muff style pedal after numerous requests, I literally prototyped 35-40 different pedals layouts. I then found THE circuit. I am very pleased and it has received excellent feedback from users. The Green Vodka is currently set to be featured in The Tone Report/Proguitarshop.com in the next month or so. Premier Guitar has shown some interest as well. Many of our various professional endorsement's currently gig/record with this pedal.

Price: $150.00 plus shipping and PayPal.

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