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The “E” Drive is a combination of my favorite overdrive tones and features. I designed this pedal after building and modding numerous overdrive pedals. I tweaked this, tightened that, added this, dropped that and ended up here.  I realized that I had multiple boutique overdrives and wanted an “all in one” pedal of my favorites. I hope that you enjoy this pedal and that it inspires you to play and have fun doing that!

The beauty of this pedal lies in your guitars natural tone, playing style and setup. 

Tons of different tones in one box!


  • Clip switch: allows you to pick your clipping style. The “E” Drive offers classic symmetrical clipping. Choose between just diodes or a combination of both. The middle position offers a nice boost that really pushes the front of your amp. Great pick attack and snap. Go from nice tight gain to natural sounding grit.

  • Fat Switch: Adds a bit more bottom end to the overall tone. Also adds a bit more gain.

  • Volume: Increases/decreases the output of the effect.

  • Tone: Adjusts the highs and lows of the effect.

  • Gain: Adjusts the amount of ‘dirt” to the overdrive. Experiment with the different CLIP positions and the gain knob. Turn the gain down in the middle CLIP position and increase the volume for a nice boost to add a boost to your solos.

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