Rivera RM-1 Routmeister - Guitar System Controller



Rivera® has the solution for organizing your effects pedals, Introducing the RM-1 Routmeister™ Pedal Effects Controller.  This is the new centerpiece to your effects pedal system. Featuring 4 Effects Loops with Hard Wire Relay bypass, a separate Tuner Output as well as an Input Buffer, your days of pedal mess and cable confusion are over. No more signal chain losses due to pedals without true bypass-like most Asian made pedals with FET switching. All of the footswitches are illuminated and easy to see even on dark stages. Two Rivera® RM-1 Routmeister™ controllers can be linked together to provide up to 8 effects loops. This can also be configured to allow one RM-1 Routmeister™ to be used in the Effects Loop of your amp, and one to be used before your amp.

The Rivera® RM-1 is easy to program. Our RM-1 has a MIDI out to send program change information to your other MIDI effects processors in your signal chain. Clear and easy to read numeric LED indicators for bank and selection indication.

Powering your 9V Pedals has never been easier as 4 DC jacks are provided along with the necessary cables to provide up to 160 MaDC of clean 9V power.

Switching your Rivera® or other brand of amplifier can easily be handled by the RM-1.  There are two TRS jacks provided that can switch up to four amplifier switching functions independently. The switching itself can be programmed along with the effects loops and external MIDI commands to control your entire system with simplified footswitch commands.

A Volume Control is provided for level matching and can be programmed to a particular loop enabling perfect signal balancing between different kinds of pedals.

Optional is the innovative WP-1Wah-Pad that can be programmed to turn on your Wah with just the pressure of your foot, and when you lift off-the Wah is bypassed. This can also be used with a Volume Pedal or any foot activated effects device that you desire to be bypassed when not using.

A rugged and regulated power supply with a 3.5M cable comes standard with the Rivera® RM-1 Routmeister™ and is external. Weighing only about 3 pounds, the RM-1 will save you countless hours of setup and frustration each time you play, as well as making you sound as good as a straight line into your amp.

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