Rimrock Effects Mythical Overdrive


Here is your chance to pick up a hand built overdrive Klone that captures that exact tone of the most well known and loved overdrive tone but takes it one step farther by adding 2 choices of clipping:

  • 1N34 - warm close to the original
  • BAT41 - a little more gritty, not quite as compressed

I build pedals as a hobby and enjoy passing along great circuits and pedals to others at fair prices, plus it helps me pay for my hobby. I love building this circuit but always try different diodes and different amp combinations, and finally decided why not put the diode choice in the hands of the player. Thus the 2 options effect you see above.

If you're looking at this listing you know what these are. Each pedal is hand built by me using quality components housed in a a Mammoth Electronics cream powdercoated enclosure. Professsional silkscreen graphics that are both durable and fantastic looking. You read that correctly, professional silk screen so no more chipped home paint jobs, no more decals that tear, no more guessing what the controls do. I have these enclosure powdercoated and silkscreened using my design by the same company that does work for the big boys.

This overdrive is very versatile and can range from a clean boost to moderate distortion. It will not get you into Rat tone, but it fills a nice gap just below it in my rig. The knobs are left to right: Volume, Tone, and Gain. The toggle switch selects from the two clipping options using 1N34 or BAT41 diodes.

While there are many threads and discussion abut the magical diodes I will simply say this one comes with matched IN34 germaniums which many believe to be what was in the original. I prefer this clipper with Fender or Marshall type amps, but prefer the BAT41s to amps that favor the Vox sound, but tube amps off all makes love a good overdrive and this is one of the best.

A couple of my favorite settings are:

  • Volume Boost -> Light Overdrive
    • Volume - 3:00
    • Tone - 12:00
    • Gain - 9:00
  • Overdrive -> Distortion
    • Volume - 9:00
    • Tone - 12:00
    • Gain - 3:00

These are good starting points so adjust from there to your liking. The pedal can dial in sweet tones in a wide range of settings so play around and see what works best for your rig.

Built using a fabricated board with top quality components like:

  • Mammoth Electronics Powercoated enclosure
  • Silk Screen graphics, no decals, stickers, or sharpies
  • Through hole fabricated PCB, no perf or vero
  • 1% silver mica resistors
  • Nichichon audio grade capacitors
  • Alpha pots
  • Matched Germanium IN34A diodes
  • BAT41 Schottzky diodes
  • Neutrik jacks
  • Hi intensity LED
  • Black, metal set screw chicken head knobs
  • Buffered bypass
  • All IC and Diodes socketed

Hand built and tested in the USA by an actual guitar player, not a robot in a factory overseas 

Includes Mythical Overdrive, Instructions, and Custom Box. You must provide a REGULATED power supply and talent.

You've heard the hype, seen the prices, now experience the tone without breaking the bank. Pick up a great pedal at a fantastic price. I am often asked why do I show pictures in the guts of the pedal. Simple. I take pride in the components and workmanship of each and every one of my builds and I want each potential buyer to see the quality of the build. I have nothing to hide

This Mythical Overdrive does not have a battery jack and requires a standard 2.1 mm DC jack. Any REGULATED power supply like, Boss, Pedal Power, or One Spot type power supply will work. It accepts a 9 volt source but uses a charge pump IC to boost the internal power to 18v for increased headroom.

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