Rick Gram Tone Zone TZ-2 Franken Tone


  • Level
    controls the level of the octave-up signal
  • Fuzz
    controls the amount of fuzz


Rick Gram Tone Zone (2006-2009)

The FRANKEN TONE pedal is a fuzz/distortion generating effect. The effect is a distorted note one octave higher than the played note, which is then mixed with the played note or chord. A tremelo effect is generated at the dominant frequency as the note decays. This pedal has more sustain and is more compressed than the WOMAN TONE overdrive. I like to use it for songs by Santana or anytime I want some sweet singing sustain. The FUZZ control has some very useful tonal variances. It also varies the amount of fuzz on the generated higher octave notes. It is not discordant when open notes are played.

Sure you can pay TWICE as much for other "Boutique" pedals, but from what I HEAR all you get for your money is TWICE the NOISE!

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