Rick Gram Tone Zone TZ-3 Catch-A-Buzz


Rick Gram Tone Zone (2000-2009)

This pedal is designed to give a paper cone speaker breakup type of fuzz reminiscent of the 1960's type fuzz boxes. The pedal has endless sustain and a buzzy fuzz effect. This is the QUIETEST distortion generating effect pedal on the market. It can even make a high gain noisy amplifier quieter when ON. Be careful, you may not realize your volume level! The pedal should be turned on to allow the capacitors to charge and then off again one time, each time you set up your pedal board. From that point on, it is ready to go! I use this pedal for early Jeff Beck stuff, endless sustain leads, and as the last pedal in my chain to keep everything in front of it QUIET! This pedal is unbelievable!

Sure you can pay TWICE as much for other "Boutique" pedals, but from what I HEAR all you get for your money is TWICE the NOISE

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