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Os Mutantes fuzz pedal, built according to the schematic and article by Claudio Baptista, brother of the guitar player in Os Mutantes. He built a bunch of effects and equipment for the band and published some articles in the 70's for a Brazilian electronics magazine detailing how to make some of these effects.

This fuzztone is built to the exact specifications in the original article including high quality NOS bc109 transistors and is a great sounding fuzztone, very vintage sounding. You can switch between a thicker big muff type sound or a more trebley tonebender/fuzzrite sound.

Pedal is all handmade in the USA by RICH PEDALS, using quality components including American made steel enclosure, switchcraft jacks, alpha pots, Raytheon USA switch, hard shell battery snap, etc. Pedal is entirely point to point wired by hand for purest tone and maximum durability. Features true bypass switching and operates on 9 volt battery which comes included with pedal!

Pedal comes with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship, if it fails for any reason simply send it back to me and I'll fix it for free, all you pay is the shipping.

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