Revolvit Twist Express



A new spin on the expression pedal. Revolvit Twist Express is a small expression pedal that will control the parameters of most guitar effect pedals that have an expression pedal jack. With a full-sweep rotation of 70-degrees, it's easy to dial in the perfect setting or get some motion going to capture the mojo you're after. Fine tune your sweep with a Minimum Knob and 3-level Maximum Switch. A TRS/TS toggle expands the effect pedals that will work with Twist Express. If your effect pedal works with the Roland® EV5 Expression Pedal, it will also work with Twist Express. Alternately, the TS setting will allow many additional pedals to be used.

  • TRS/TS SWITCH offers the ability to use effect pedals that require either a "tip-ring-sleeve" (stereo cable) or "tip-sleeve" (mono cable) connection. A "tip-ring-sleeve" (stereo) 1/4" cable will work for either of these settings. Alternatively, a “tip-sleeve” mono cable may be used if controlling TS based effect pedals.
  • MIN KNOB allows you to alter the MINIMUM effect parameter setting on the effect pedal being controlled by Twist Express. In combination with the 1/2/3 MAXIMUM setting, specific segments of the effect’s parameter can be targeted, allowing for more precision control of that segment. The MIN KNOB only works with TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) based effect pedals.
  • 1/2/3 SWITCH is a means of altering the MAXIMUM setting of the effect parameter being controlled. While this can also be done by just turning down the knob for a setting, it's useful for digital multi-level parameter effects, to quickly reduce the maximum level without having to navigate through menus.

TWIST EXPRESS can be used on your pedal board in a horizontal or vertical format.


  • Footprint: L-11cm,  W-6cm,  H-5cm (L-4.4", W-2.4", H-2")
  • Weight: 340g (0.75 lbs)
  • Disc Diameter: 6.35cm (2.5")
  • Voltage Resistance: 0 to ~10k ohms
  • 1/2/3 Switch: 
    • Centre = 100%
    • Up = minus ~25%
    • Down = minus ~50%

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