Revolt! is run by Ki Joyo Sardo H. Hutauruk (aka Dogie) and his wife, Evi Seratu Sitompul. The company is located in Depok, Southern Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Timeline (by Ki Joyo Sardo H. Hutauruk)

    • 1998: making first pedals
    • 22 Sept 2001: company founded
    • September 2002: breakthrough moment (because of article in Audio Pro Magazine)
    • July-December 2003: a music shop owner, asked me to work as a serviceman. I agreed in order to get more practical lesson about musical instruments, mounting, pcb design style, system, etc. Revolt still exists, with only me and a friend. We meet in the weekend and manage to keep Revolt alive.
    • January 1st, 2004: Revolt! moves to a very strategic marketplace. We rent a house at Jl. Dr. Saharjo No. 115 B - This is another important breakthrough. Our place became more famous and we got new friends all the time. An online guitar forum even set up a big meeting at our place, and I became one of the speakers at that meeting. We sometimes used the name Revolt Institute, because a lot of people came just to discuss with me (and of course after that they bought things too). The discussions were so intense, that I had to buy a big whiteboard there.
    • August 2005: we started getting customers from outside Jakarta. And In December 2005 we got customers from Malaysia. This became a strong force for me to try to get a new settle place for Revolt and my family. Then I realized, Revolt can trade online from everywhere, so in early 2006, with all the money I had, I began to search a much more affordable house in suburbs. There was a lot of controversy from our customers about this issue, but I also have a family to support. So I decided to move.
    • August 1st, 2006: Revolt and my family move to small place called Citayam, near Depok, which is a small developing city at southern Jakarta. It became necessary to trade online, but we survive until now. This quiet place also helps me to get more inspiration. More new designs are born here.

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