Revival Electric Synapse - Vocal Effects Integrator


Revival Electric

Run Your Microphone Through Your Guitar Effects! Finally!

Seamless integration of guitar effects pedals directly with your vocal signal path. The Synapse is the first of its kind, taking a unique approach to vocal processing, allowing singers and bands to explore more unique tones and effects live and in the studio.

The Synapse pedal accepts a dynamic microphone input and offers an Instrument level send and Return loop for correct impedance matching. Fully balanced input & output offers full transparency and super low noise, hand-built using studio quality components. Quiet switching is achieved by high quality relay control by heavy-duty mechanical switch.

Create completely original sounds, no lame digital presets like other more expensive vocal processors. Use any digital or analog, guitar or line level effect with your dynamic microphone.


  • Dynamic Microphone Input
  • Active Balanced
  • XLR In/Out (Neutrik)
  • THD < 0.01%
  • Noise < -100dBV Awtg
  • Ground lift switch
  • ¼” Switchcraft Phone Jacks
  • Buffered “True-Bypass” loop
  • Blend Pot/Expression pedal jack*
  • Power:
    • -9vdc (Negative tip) 100mA
    • 2.1mm (Boss style)
  • Bi color LED (Green=Loop Active, Red=Loop off)

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