Reverend Drivetrain II



Like a vintage Tube Screamer on steroids! All-analog design by Bob Weil and Joe Naylor uses the JRC4558 IC chip to deliver tube-sounding overdrive with more available clean boost, more transparent midrange and perfectly voiced treble and bass controls. Goes from a bluesy boost up to classic crunch and singing sustain without masking the character of your guitar or amp. And controls, switches and hand-wired jacks are mounted directly to a heavy steel chassis for maximum durability. Current draw: 12ma.

The revised Drivetrain II features several important improvements made in response to customer feedback:

  1. Increased output volume - With the drive set all the way off the pedal is still capable of substantial boosting by turning up the volume control. This allows a cleaner boost for fattening up the sound, pushing a tube amp over the edge or for simply changing the eq of your sound.

  2. Wider range treble control - Allows more aggressive sounds and more tonal control which is especially useful with dark sounding humbucker equipped guitars.

  3. Neutral bypass - This buffered bypass does not alter tone when the pedal is bypassed and does not pop loud like common true bypass switches. And because it is buffered it prevents signal and treble loss when using long cables or multiple pedals placed after the Drivetrain II. We feel this is superior to true bypass switching.

  4. Metallic Racing Green finish - Racy finish reminescent of 60's muscle cars... rev it up!

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