Reverend was founded by Joe Naylor all the design and technical work, Ken Haas runs the daily operations. The company is located in Livonia, MI.

    Timeline (by Joe Naylor)

    • 1996: Joe Naylor sold Naylor Amplifiers to business partner, and formed Reverend Musical Instruments. First guitar is shipped in early 1997.
    • 1998: Kid Rock releases Devil Without a Cause, which goes Platinum, and endorses Reverend guitars.
    • 2000: Joe Naylor granted U.S. Patent for construction of Reverend semi-hollow guitar body.
    • 2002: Reverend changes to factory direct sales format with no dealers. Current line includes electric guitars/basses, tube guitar amplifiers, Drivetrain pedal, and replacement speakers.
    • 2005: Reverend introduces imported Stage King guitars, and discontinues production of all amplifiers, speakers, and pedals.
    • 2006: Reverend discontinues all USA guitar production in May, 2006.
    • 2007: Reverend introduces Set-Neck series, changes name of Stage King series to Bolt-On series.
    • 2008:: Reverend returns to dealer only sales.
    • 2010: Ken Haas takes over sales and daily management of operations. Joe Naylor relegated to all design and technical duties.
    • 2011: Reverend reintroduces basses to the line.
    • 2012: Reverend introduces the Sensei RA, the world's first production guitar to feature Joe Naylor's revolutionary, patent pending Railhammer Pickups.

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