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The perfect companion to the Reuss Repeater Fuzz pedal

This is a clone of the 1960s Vox V1531A Treble/Bass Booster module, which was one of the four built-in effects of the vintage Vox Ultrasonic and Starstream guitars etc. Place your wah between this and the Reuss Repeater Fuzz, and you have the full line of effects of these guitars, in the correct sequence

It looks like a plain tone knob, but this is actually a fine little sound shaping tool, adding it's own unique flavour to your guitar sound. Turning it up, it will boost treble frequencies and turning it down boosts the bass. But nowhere at the dial is it neutral. It always adds something (but no distortion).

The Reuss Tone Booster is built to the exact schematic of the old sixties module, using a vintage new old stock Motorola BC109B transistor. I have added a LED pilot light and true bypass switching and nothing else.

In addition to being part of the effects chain of those vintage Vox guitars, the original Treble/Bass booster was also available as a little stand-alone module which plugged straight into the guitar. According to internet wisdom this was used by The Velvet Underground, and it's believed to have contributed significantly to their guitar sounds. The plug-in module was called the V8401, but to my best knowledge it's the same circuit.

By placing a (fuzz friendly) wah pedal between the Reuss Tone Booster and the Reuss Repeater Fuzz pedal, it is possible to re-create the chain of four effects of the Vox Starstream and Ultrasonic etc. guitars, for that Spacemen 3 'Dreamweapon' sound (treble/bass booster -> wah -> distortion/fuzz -> repeat percussion).

Despite the tiny micro pedal format, the Reuss Tone Booster is built to the same high-end standards as the other Reuss pedals. Made in Europe and wired by hand with an upgrade quality footswitch and Switchcraft jacks. No SMD parts.

Only 48 pedals in this first batch!

Please note: Being true to the original vintage circuit, the pedal gives a slight volume drop, despite being called a booster.

Also please note that there is no room for a battery in the TB-01

Reuss TB-01 specifications:

  • Vintage-identical V1531A Treble/Bass booster circuit
  • Vintage new old stock Motorola BC109B transistor
  • Uncompromising 'boutique' construction and build quality. Wired by hand
  • Handmade in the European Union
  • Rugged aluminium enclosure finished in silver grey metallic with silk screen printing
  • True bypass switching
  • High-quality Switchcraft jacks
  • 'Pro' upgrade quality footswitch (good for minimum 15000 stomps - the standard footswitch is rated for 6000)
  • 24 months warranty against manufacturing faults
  • Runs on a standard guitar pedal 9V DC power suppply (no battery option)

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