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The Reuss SF-02 Goo Goo Fuzz is a clone of the legendary 1960s Shin-Ei / Univox FY6 Superfuzz pedal. Built to the original schematic and featuring rare vintage new old stock semiconductor parts

Like the original, the Reuss SF-02 Goo Goo Fuzz offers a wild and crazy, and totally over-the-top, wall of fuzz with an octave-up and slight ring-modulating effect. A breathtakingly complex and frighteningly beautiful, almost overwhelming noise. Unique and addictive. A fuzz sound like nothing else out there.

It's the tone made famous by Pete Townsend of The Who (Live at Leeds), but also by Mudhoney, The Jesus & Mary Chain - and not least The Cramps.

The new SF-02 version is completely overhauled and built using a newly designed circuit board, featuring even more vintage correct new old stock parts than the SF-01 version. The SF-02 has a more complex fuzz texture, with increased octave-up content and more of the ring modulating effect going on.

The germanium diodes in the SF-02 are ultra rare vintage Philips 'black glass' OA90s and the transistors are the correct sixties Superfuzz mix of vintage Panasonic 2SC828s and Matsushita 'can-type' 2SC539s. These are the exact parts, the vintage schematic is calling for. No other Superfuzz clone is offering this level of absolute, no expenses saved, vintage parts accuracy.

The Reuss SF-02 Goo Goo Fuzz is handmade in the European Union.

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