Reuss Musical Instruments RF-02 Repeater Fuzz


Reuss Musical Instruments

The Reuss RF-02 Repeater Fuzz is a clone of the 1960s Vox V809 Repeat Percussion effect - paired with a great sounding fuzz effect based on the Vox Tone Bender mk II. It’s a two-in-one pedal, and the two effects can be used independently. The repeat percussion half of the Reuss RF-02 is made using the original, long out of production Motorola 2N2646 transistor. The vital part to get the right sound.

There's a switchable clean boost added to the Repeat Percussion-half of the pedal to make it possible to compensate for the slight volume drop of the vintage circuit.

The Fuzz-part is an amazing sounding silicon-version of the Tone Bender MkII-circuit.

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