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Reuss Musical Instruments

The circuit of the Reuss OD-01 Cab Drive is derived from the very first Boss overdrive pedal, the legendary two-knob Boss OD-1 in the rare first version ('long dash') featuring a big 14-pin quad op-amp IC chip. Only made in 1977-1979. Later versions were completely different and came with an 8-pin dual op-amp chip like most other mainstream overdrive pedals. The 14-pin design is unique - and most importantly, it sounds much better.

The 14-pin chip hasn’t been produced for some 30 years, and the stock used for the Cab Drive is actually used (and tested) chips pulled from some old equipment. The chip is mounted in a socket for easy replacement.

There's a tone switch added to the vintage circuit, for a full frequency response with no mid-range hump, making the pedal suitable for bass guitar.

The Reuss OD-01 'Cab Drive' is handmade in Denmark. Early examples released in early 2014 were made in China.

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