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Reuss Electricity Fuzz

Amazing sounding hybrid fuzz based on the tonebender mk. III circuit

The Reuss FZ-02 Electricity Fuzz is a hybrid fuzz built with a mix of two vintage silicon transistors and a single vintage new old stock OC140 germanium transistor. The transistors are all NPNs, making the Electricity Fuzz a normal 'negative ground' circuit which runs flawlessly on a modern pedal board 'daisy-chain' power supply

The circuit of the Electricity Fuzz is based on the vintage 1960s tonebender mk III, which is extremely versatile thanks to the wide range of the tone control. At one extreme you have thin, trebly, stingy fuzz, and at the other, the pedal offers a massive, thick and bass-heavy sound.

It's a heavy fuzz with excessive amounts of super saturated fuzztones available. It cleans up wonderfully when you back down the volume knob of your guitar, and it's capable of all the classic and desirable vintage fuzz tricks.

The Electricity Fuzz is a compact and great looking high-quality pedal. Handmade in the European Union from top-shelf parts. Still, I am selling it at less than half the price of what you'd be asked to pay for other high-end boutique fuzz pedals with similar parts and specifications.

The tonebender mk. III circuit is the same I am using for the Reuss Double Bender. That model features two complete circuits, one made with germanium transistors and one made with silicons. This little brother is like a fusion of those two, mixing silicons with a germanium in the same circuit. The sound mostly resembles a germanium fuzz, but it's quite unique and it offers a "best of both worlds".

The silicon transistors in the Electricity Fuzz are both old types, one being a BC108A and the other being a super rare thing called a 2SC529. The latter ones I got by mistake when ordering 2SC539s for the Goo Goo Fuzz pedals. It's so rare my engineer argued that it didn't even exist, because a data sheet was hard to find. Interestingly it has unusually low gain for a silicon transistor, making it an excellent match for germanium transistors and perfect in this circuit. So there it is.

Reuss FZ-02 Electricity Fuzz specifications:

  • Hybrid fuzz based on the 1960s tonbender mk III circuit
  • Two vintage silicon transistors and one vintage new old stock KRC brand OC140 germanium transistor specially selected for high gain
  • Pedalboard friendly, modern power polarisation (negative ground, a huge advantage over vintage original pedals which had positive ground)
  • True bypass switching.
  • 100% handmade in the European Union
  • High-quality Neutrik jacks, wired by hand
  • Mammoth Electronics upgrade footswitches (good for at least 15000 stomps)
  • Powder coated and silk screen printed aluminum enclosure
  • Orange LED resembling a vintage pilot light
  • 24 months warranty against manufacturing faults
  • Powered by a 9V battery (not included) or a standard 'Boss-type' guitar pedal power supply

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