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The ET-01 ’Evil Twin’ pedal is the "non-artist-specific" version of the Reuss Rowland S. Howard-pedal. We are talking about a two-in-one pedal featuring a vintage blue box clone running into a vintage correct distortion+ clone. Both circuits featuring rare, vintage new old stock parts

The ET-01 is built on the same circuit board as the RSH-03, but with a slightly different component count. The ET-01 features modern low-noise, low tolerance metal film resistors, and I have added two capacitors and one resistor to the pre-1977 blue box circuit for improved tracking and gating and for stable power supply. Still preserving that wonderfully textured and uninhibited sound of the earliest blue boxes. Basically a 'vintage hybrid' of the pre- and post-1977 vintage MXR versions. A blue box that never was, and my attempt of getting the best of both versions.

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