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This is the completely handmade, one at a time, clone of the infamous Tychobrahe “Octavia”. Octavious! Please welcome the NEW SMALLER Octavious! to the Retroman lineup!!!!


  • VOLUME - Output to your amplifier... be careful!
  • DRIVE - This is the octave/fuzz/distortion level - to my ear, the Octavious! sounds best going into an overdriven amp (not clean).

Other Neat features:

  • Note that the DRIVE control knob does double duty as a power switch! This way, you can keep all your pedals plugged in on your board and simply turn the knob all the way counter-clockwise to ("click") power off... or keep it “on” and unplug the input jack (that is also switched)'s all up to you.
  • The footswitch is a TRUE BYPASS switch. When the effect is “out” of the loop your signal passes from input jack to output jack unscathed.
  • DC Power Jack - All Retroman products also include an DC Adapter socket, for ease of pedal board use. Now, my personal opinion is "use a Carbon/Zinc battery...quiet and pure". That said, many prefer the convenience of a board supply ..... This is a NEGATIVE PIN jack (like Boss and others). Please use a dedicated AC adapter (or a unit with isolated and filtered outputs) to insure noiseless operation.

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