Retroman Nu Fuzz



The NuFuzz is essentially ½ or the revered “Sybil” ultra fuzz ….. with the addition of a BIAS control, for your flavor enhancement. Driven by New Old Stock Germanium transistors, the NuFuzz is as classic as it gets.

AC188 are standard spec transistors, as in the Sybil, and sound very sweet! For you "mojo hounds", the NuFuzz is also offered with an NKT-275 option!!! Yep... real deal NOS Philips (they purchased Newmarket) "top hat" style NKT275 from the late 60's.

NOTE: OC 44, OC45, OC76 and OC77 (Philips / Mullard / Valvo) are also available as custom option.


  • VOLUME: The output to your amplifier. Be careful, as there is a lot of gain available. In addition to its normal duties, the Fuzz control act as the POWER SWITCH …. Rotate the control completely anti-clockwise and the power to the circuit is turned (click) off.
  • BIAS: This controls the bias voltage to second transistor in your pair. Though more noticeable as a tone variable on the Germanium models, this control is also included on Silicon models. Si transistors have a habit of turning off if the bias is varied too far from nominal …. to eliminate this issue, the control's range was modified for Si models.
  • FUZZ: This sets your level of fuzz - plenty on tap, especially when going into an amp on the verge of distortion (set “crunchy”). Extreme settings can result in extreme results!
  • TONE: As in the “Sybil”, this controls the treble content of the signal going in to the circuit - very powerful tone shaper.

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